Livingston's Amusement Center

family fun with race track

5947 Clark Center Avenue, Sarasota, FL 34238
Phone:  941-925-7665



Sarasota's unique entertainment experience for kids and grown-ups featuring indoor billiards, go cart racing, rock climbing, lazer tag, arcades, prizes and drinks. We’re for fun. Some places are for shopping. Some places are for dancing. We’re for fun. Fun for kids. And grown-up fun. Fun with billiards. Fun with racing, games, friends, prizes and drinks. The perfect place to relax and play. Livingston’s is Sarasota’s most inviting entertainment experience. With over 50,000 square-feet of state-of-the-art fun, Livingston’s Amusement Center is the ultimate place to hang out, be amused, drink, and socialize. We’ve spent the last few decades perfecting fun... so any way you turn... you’ll have fun at Livingston’s.